Stoneleigh Coffee

Why The Taste of Stoneleigh

We invite you to try the most luxurious coffee in the world, as our newly released Stoneleigh Coffee guarantees smooth perfection in every sip.

Nestled in the gentle elevations of the Jamaica Blue Mountains lies the fertile Stoneleigh Estate where, for more than thirty years, our family, has been carefully cultivating exclusive Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans.

Now, for the first time ever, our Estate is releasing our very own Stoneleigh Coffee.  Overseeing the bean from seed to cup allows us to protect the integrity of the entire process so we can stand proudly behind all Stoneleigh Coffee products.

Our Beans

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is renowned for its full body and mild acidity. These coffee beans are grown in a clearly defined area of Jamaica’s Blue Mountains. The mountains are truly unique as no other place in the world provides a combination of these characteristics:

  • High altitude, above sea level
  • Rich shale soil type
  • Wide diurnal temperature range
  • Cloud cover & slow ripening of the berries

Our Stoneleigh Estate is located in St. Andrew, Jamaica, right in the heart of the Blue Mountains. Mostly Typica coffee trees are planted in our rich shale soil. The unique salubrious climate brings out the best in the trees resulting in wonderful and rich green beans. However, this is only half of the Stoneleigh story.

Stamp of Stoneleigh

At the new Stoneleigh Coffee Roasters, our beans are meticulously hand selected, then carefully processed.  Utilizing world-renowned Diedrich Coffee Roasting Equipment, our beans are separated into small batches and placed in a roaster. As the temperature slowly rises between 400F and 445F, the beans are gently rotated to ensure that heat evenly penetrates each coffee bean. The coffee beans are checked every few seconds until they are the perfect colour, size, surface texture and smokiness. 

We employ over 100 dedicated individuals, all highly trained, to oversee each precise stage of this finely-tuned production process in order to protect the integrity of the coffee.