Stoneleigh is by far the best coffee I’ve ever had

I rarely ever give feedback on purchases or write reviews but I felt it was necessary this time. I recently purchased my first ever package of 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain (whole bean) Coffee from Stoneleigh Coffee. I used my moka stovetop to brew it. I'll have to say it is by far the best coffee I've ever had. The taste and aroma is in a league of its own. I highly recommend this coffee from Stoneleigh Coffee to all connoisseurs. By far my favorite coffee. It's worth every penny!

- Mr Damir Paulic SVP Berkshire Hathaway


Ric from Sydney loves the smooth taste of Stoneleigh

I am not a coffee connoisseur however I recently had the opportunity to try 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee from Stoneleigh Coffee.

I can honestly say, it was the nicest coffee I have had to date due to the complete smooth taste and non bitterness of the bean.

It was like comparing a smooth Cabernet Merlot verse a peppery Shiraz red wine.

Well done Stoneleigh Coffee!

- Ric Camilleri CEO NRS Media Australia 


This Coffee is Definitely a Cut Above.

"I have been a coffee drinker for many years, and stocked up on Blue Mountain Coffee when I visited Jamaica a few years ago. I recently purchased Stoneleigh Blue Mountain coffee for the first time and it is one of the best coffees I've every had -- rich and smooth with a subtly cocoa undercurrent. I would have no reservations about getting my Blue Mountain coffee from you again. This coffee is definitely a cut above."


- Carrie "Quizz" Sigurdson / Owner & GM, Tea Tree Crêperie, Kingston, Jamaica

Stoneleigh is a Step Above Any Other Coffee


"Living in Jamaica , I have sampled and tasted a variety of Blue Mountain coffee roasts and brands over the years. I am a avid coffee drinker and also have experience in running Cafe's and Deli's here in Jamaica and in Miami. The Stoneleigh brand is a step above any other coffee I have experienced - it is the brand of choice in the Cafe's I run and it continues to please every customer I introduce it to."

- Mr. Charles Matalon / JAHVA CAFE , Kingston Jamaica


There's No Better Choice Than Stoneleigh!

"We recently switched to Stoneleigh Coffee after trying it just once. I immediately fell in love with the smooth, rich, dark flavour and the obvious superior quality of the Stoneleigh bean. Being the owner of an upscale café and bistro in Kingston, Jamaica, we have the luxury of having the best coffee in the world right at our fingertips and  there's no better choice than Stoneleigh, a consistently great tasting 100% Blue Mountain Coffee. Our loyal customers have noticed the difference and are totally thrilled. Thanks Stoneleigh! Keep up the amazing work."

- Carrie "Quizz" Sigurdson / Owner & GM, Tea Tree Crêperie, Kingston, Jamaica