Fall in love with coffee again this Fall

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall."

F.Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby.
Fall is upon us and winter is just around the corner. As the seasons change and the days become shorter and darker, there’s nothing better than a strong, rich and delicious coffee to revive the senses.
Fall is a great time to ditch your daily takeaway coffee and reacquaint yourself with home-brewed perfection. Is there anything more wonderful than the aroma of freshly made coffee coming from your kitchen first thing in the morning?  It’s the perfect start to the day, especially when it’s cold and grey outside. Plus, with the average American spending around $20 a week on takeaway coffee, making your own at home could save you some serious money, too.

So if you’re ready to fall in love with real coffee again this Fall, here are our top three tips to guarantee perfection every time.

Choose your coffee carefully

A great cup of coffee always starts with the right beans. For a consistently rich, smooth and full-bodied taste, go for a single origin bean rather than a blend. Stoneleigh Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is single origin and its full body and mild acidity is ideal for this time of year when you’re craving something reviving and strong.

Whether you choose to buy beans or go for pre-ground, make sure your coffee is as fresh as you can get. That way you’ll get the best flavors and aromas from your brew. Go for a coffee that can be traced back to its roasting date, ideally no more than a month, and make sure you store your coffee correctly too, sealed and in a cool dark place to maintain its delicate features.

Choose the right accessories

We’ve all got our own preferred way of making coffee. Ours is using freshly roasted Jamaican Blue Mountain beans, ground in our Burr Mill until we’ve got the perfect consistency. If you’re new to grinding and want to give it a try, the Baratza Encore comes highly recommended as a great entry-level grinder for brewing at home.

We love using the simple French press to create our perfect cup; it’s quick, fuss free and, in our opinion, the best way of getting every last bit of flavor from the beans. It also makes the kitchen smell great, too. Our favorite is the Chambord from Bodum – the 12oz makes three cups or two generous mugs – ideal for sharing!

And then of course, there’s the all-important cup or mug. The right cup can make all the difference to your coffee experience and we all have our favorite, but if you’re looking for something a bit different and altogether seasonal there are some gorgeous Fall-themed cups and mugs on sale at the moment. We love this selection from The Sister Studio – guaranteed to make you feel cozy inside.

Make time to enjoy it

Great coffee deserves the time to enjoy it, so stop and appreciate the experience rather than knocking it back before you rush off for the day. Get comfy in your favorite chair or take in the autumnal view from your window as you take in the flavors and aromas. Whatever your coffee ritual and however you choose to make and take your brew, make it a time for you.

Happy seasonal drinking!

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