Commit to only the best coffee this year – it could seriously improve your life

We all have our own reasons why we love our coffee so much – it’s our early morning hero, our afternoon pick-me-up, our ideal after-dinner drink and the perfect way to connect with friends. 

This year, get even more from your coffee by committing to buy only the very best from now on. Here’s why you should.

You’ll immediately notice the difference in the taste and quality.

We all have different tastes when it comes to coffee, but whatever your preference, it’s always worth paying that little bit extra for the best coffee beans you can afford.

Take a little time to do your research before you buy to find out exactly where a coffee comes from; factors like geographic origin, climate and soil as well as the pedigree of the growers and roasters involved in its production, will all make a huge difference to the quality of your coffee.

For a guaranteed depth and complexity of flavour, go for a single origin coffee rather than a blend. By this, we mean a coffee that you can trace back to a particular single region or grower – rather than a coffee that brings together beans from a number of areas or climates.

If you really want to up your game, choose a specialty coffee, grown in distinctive climates and soils, giving you a truly unique and full cup taste.

For example, Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is a great example of a specialty coffee; it’s one of the richest and most rare coffees in the world, is 100% pure single origin Arabica beans and is only grown on certain slopes of the Jamaican mountains in specific, mineral rich soils at a particular altitude – all of which combine to give it its truly unique, quality taste.

Also, pay attention to how your coffee gets from the farm to your store; the best quality coffees will come from hand picked beans and will be roasted by hand to make sure they don’t burn.

All of Stoneleigh’s Jamaica Blue Mountain beans are hand-picked to make sure only the very best are selected, then carefully processed by hand, in small batches, by experts who are dedicated to their craft.

When you know your beans have been roasted meticulously to protect the integrity of their flavor, you know you’ll be getting a great coffee without compromise.

Tip: When buying Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, make sure it carries the prestigious Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica certification mark, so you know you’re paying for the real deal.

Changing to quality coffee could help you make other changes in your life, too

Getting your morning off to a great start with a fantastic high-quality coffee could have even more benefits than just pure enjoyment.

For example, scientific studies have shown that the caffeine in coffee can have a positive impact on motivation – meaning you’ll be more likely to start and finish all of those tasks on that lengthy to-do list.

The caffeine in coffee can also boost physical performance and fat loss, which is going to be useful if you’re determined to hit the gym and get fit this year.

Drinking coffee also brings a wealth of other proven health benefits too – from lowering your risk of diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease, to protecting your liver and helping you to live longer. So invest in great beans and enjoy your coffee knowing that it’s actually really good for you!

It could save you time

If your aim this year is to be more productive, save time waiting in line at the coffee shop each morning by making your own fantastic, high-quality coffee at home.

Skipping your coffee shop trip doesn’t mean you have to miss out on quality, though. By investing in the right beans and the right equipment, you’ll be able to create a morning coffee to rival even the best takeaway, without spending a fortune. And if it’s the routine of taking a coffee on your commute that you enjoy, simply invest in a great travel mug and you can still enjoy your coffee on the go.

It could make your more mindful

As well as switching-up to quality beans, why not make a resolution to turn your coffee habit into an exercise in mindfulness rather than just a quick pick-me-up? Being more mindful has been shown to have many benefits for mental and physical wellbeing, including reduction in stress, improved focus and lower blood pressure.

Start with your favorite, high quality beans and take time to really enjoy the process of making your coffee, appreciating the aromas and flavors. When it’s ready, try to enjoy your coffee free from any distractions like email or TV. It’ll also help you to appreciate the complexity of your coffee even more.

So here’s to a more productive, healthy and mindful 2017. We’ll drink a coffee to that!

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