Buy your coffee with confidence and don't get duped by imitations

If you’re a Stoneleigh customer, chances are you’re an educated and discerning coffee drinker.

Coffee is a big thing for you, and you buy Jamaica Blue Mountain because you appreciate it's one of the richest and rarest coffees in the world.

You're only happy with 100% pure single origin Arabica beans, no blends and you want guaranteed taste and satisfaction in every cup.

You love Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee because it's special; it delivers exactly what you're looking for and you know you're not going to be disappointed.

Sadly, not all Jamaica Blue Mountain coffees are what they say they are. More and more coffee dealers are selling counterfeit coffees labeled as Jamaica Blue Mountain, to unsuspecting customers buying in good faith.

These dealers know that real Jamaica Blue Mountain is in huge demand and they know customers are prepared to pay a premium for it, so they take advantage of that, leaving disappointed customers to pay the price.


So how do you avoid being duped?

Genuine 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain is the most regulated coffee in the world and is protected by a special certification mark, issued by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica

A coffee can only be called Jamaica Blue Mountain if it was grown in a specific region of the country. Genuine Blue Mountain coffee like ours undergoes strict quality and taste tests before leaving Jamaica to ensure that only the best coffee is exported.

The coffee is graded by hand and officials from the Coffee Industry Board inspect every barrel, checking the colour and sizes of the beans as well as tasting the coffee to check it has the right quality and flavour. Only those beans that pass the test get through.



The seal means it's the real deal

You can be sure you're getting the real deal from Stoneleigh because all of our coffees carry the prestigious 'Certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica' seal of approval.

The seal is only granted to a small number of coffee producers in the country, and we have to meet specific conditions and maintain rigorous standards to earn and retain it.

If you don't see this sticker, you're not getting the real deal. The seal is also legally protected, so anyone caught using it without authorization can be prosecuted.

And if the price of your coffee sounds too good to be true, well it probably is. So if you're offered a heavily discounted coffee, or what looks like a fantastic deal, make sure you do your research before you buy.


Know your coffee labels

It also helps to know your coffee labels. If you're looking for 100% single origin Arabica beans of the highest quality, check your labels to make sure you don't buy a blend instead. If your coffee states 100% single origin on the label, it's 100% single origin bean. If it doesn't, chances are it's a blend of several types of bean from different origins, giving you a whole different taste.

At Stoneleigh, we only offer 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain from a single estate - no blends and no other coffee beans.


Genuine Jamaican Blue Mountain earns its reputation

Genuine 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee has a well-earned reputation. It is something that is fiercely and proudly protected by growers like us, and we work hard to ensure that our beans deliver the flavour that you know and love. You can read more about the journey each bean makes from the slopes to your cup, here.

All this means that when you buy our genuine Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, you know you'll be getting the product you expect.

So remember, genuine Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee can be a little more expensive but you're paying for the quality that comes with it.

Don't get caught out by counterfeits, look at your labels and check for the seal so you know it's the real deal.

Happy drinking!

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