The journey of the coffee bean from plant to cup

The Stoneleigh coffee bean travels thousands of miles and goes through a range of different processes to bring you the perfect sip of coffee. Here’s a quick glimpse into all the stages that our beans go through before reaching your cup.


Born on the mountain

Stoneleigh coffee beans begin their life in fertile ground, high above sea level. The Stoneleigh Estate is based in an elevated area in the designated Blue Mountain region. Only beans grown at elevations between 910 to 1,700 meters can be called 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain.

The specific geography of this region produces a bean that has a depth of flavour and exceptional quality. The soil composition in the area is unique as volcanic deposits have created rich shale soil that is perfect for growing coffee.

We mostly grow Typica coffee trees on the Stoneleigh Estate. The plants are tended by hand from their nursery plot to their home on the mountain and they take 4-5 years to begin producing coffee berries. Once they are mature, the tress will produce flowers, which release a strong jasmine-like scent. The flowers then turn into cherries holding two seeds each, which ripen from green to red.

The high altitude, wide diurnal temperature range and cloud cover of the region mean the coffee berries take 10 months to mature - almost twice as long as other regions. That creates a denser bean, with a richer flavour.

Picked by hand

When the perfect maturity is reached, the workers climb the mountainsides to pick the coffee by hand. As the coffee berries mature at different times, they are only picked when in perfect condition so it can take many pickings to complete the harvest.

Hand picking means our expert coffee farmers can select the berries when they are in optimum condition and leave others to fully mature - something that isn’t possible when coffee is picking is mechanised.


Our coffee goes through a wet processing method, which keeps the intrinsic characteristics of the beans intact, so you get a coffee with more subtlety and higher quality.

Within a day of being picked, the coffee berries are depulped to remove the seeds from the flesh. The seeds are then briefly fermented to develop their flavour and to separate the cherry from the bean. The fermentation is stopped at the perfect moment by washing the beans, which are then dried in the sun. The coffee is turned throughout the process to keep the beans in optimum condition.


Our roasting process was refined over five years, to ensure we produce the perfect coffee for our customers. The beans are separated into small batches and placed in a world-renowned Diedrich coffee roaster. We slowly increase the temperature to 200-230°C while the beans are turned to ensure the heat evenly penetrates each one. We check every few seconds to ensure the beans are removed at the optimum moment, when they are the perfect colour, size and smokiness, with the right texture.

Carefully graded - twice

Our experts grade the coffee beans by hand. Each bean is inspected to ensure it is in great condition and the perfect, consistent size. Any that are damaged or too large or too small won’t be chosen for export.

But these aren’t the only checks that the coffee receives. As part of rigorous quality control, the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica inspects every barrel too. They not only check the colour and size of the beans, but they also taste the coffee to ensure the quality and flavour are of the high standards associated with Jamaica Blue Mountain.

Delivered to you

This is the final stage of the process. Our coffee is never blended with other beans - what you get from us is pure 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. We’re proud of the fact that we manage the entire process from growing the plants to distribution - this means we can ensure quality all the way through. We sell whole bean, ground and coffee pods, so you can choose the right format for your coffee drinking needs.

Brewed for the perfect cup

At this stage it’s over to you. Whether you use a cafetiere, a state of the art coffee machine or a Keurig machine, with Stoneleigh 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee you will have a cup of coffee that’s second to none.


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