Pressing pause on our busy lives has never been so important – why stopping for coffee could just save your mind

It’s not always easy to stop and just enjoy the moment.

We lead busy lives juggling work, family, the chores and more - just thinking about it exhausts us.

We don’t have time to do the simple things.

Things like reconnecting with a friend, stopping to chat to the barista or relaxing without one eye on email.

Surely it’s a little selfish to indulge in a coffee when there are so many other things we should be doing?

Well, here’s the good news. Pressing pause on life to enjoy a coffee moment isn’t selfish or indulgent in the slightest.

In fact, it’s really important for your mental health.

Here’s how

It can boost your mood

In our ever-connected world of social media and mobile technology, research shows that social media is actually making us feel more disconnected and more lonely.

That’s because we’re spending time sharing edited versions of our lives online and less time sharing genuine experiences with friends - and that’s not good for our minds.

Countless neurological studies have shown that regular and meaningful social interactions are vital for good mental health. In fact, a lack of social contact can lead to depression and reduced mental performance.

Pausing to enjoy a coffee with a friend helps us to reconnect, talk, be human, share stories, share burdens and laugh.

It’s a place to have those important conversations, hatch those ambitious plans or divulge secrets. It’s a great way to make us feel whole again.

So put Facebook on hold and invite your friends round for coffee instead.  

In fact, schedule it as a regular date and you’ll soon feel the long-term benefits.

It can make you happier

Chatting over a coffee can make you happier. But don’t just take our word for it. A psychological study by The University of British Columbia found that even minimal interactions like small talk with your barista when you grab your morning take-away could increase your happiness.

That’s because we humans are built for social interaction, and those interactions are incredibly important for our wellbeing, even if they’re just brief.

And it makes sense. Your morning can turn if you get grumpy service or a stranger is rude to you. On the other hand, if someone says ‘hi’ or starts up a conversation, it can really lift your spirits.

So next time you go for a coffee, don’t just rush away. Pause and take time to chat, too.

Your happiness will thank you for it.

It can beat stress

‘Mindfulness’, or the art of living in the moment, is really popular right now and that’s hardly surprising. It’s an antidote to our chaotic, distracted lives and is a great way to refocus, relax and de-stress. - a US organisation that promotes daily mindfulness for wellbeing - tell us that one of the key pillars of being mindful is to really notice what you are doing and tune into your senses.

Next time you stop for coffee, turn it into an exercise in mindfulness rather than just a quick pick-me-up.

The very process of brewing a great coffee will focus your mind, and it’s also a real treat for the senses, too.

Bring yourself into the present as you do it. Select your blend, feel the beans, breathe deeply and take in the emerging, rich aromas as it brews.

When it’s ready to drink, silence any distractions and just focus on your senses. Relax, clear your mind and be in the moment.

Feel the tension lift.

Make it a ritual and it will become one of the most important things you do each day.

Make your coffee moment really special

You deserve a coffee moment every day.

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