Falling in love with coffee

It’s February and love is in the air. But it seems we’re transferring our affection when it comes to our drink of choice. While tea may be the world’s most consumed beverage, it seems the love for coffee is on the rise. Even in the UK, a nation noted for its love of tea, times are a-changing. According to a recent report, tea sales have fallen by 6% in the past five years, as UK tea drinkers switch to coffee.

So why are we all falling in love with coffee? Here’s what we think.

We love how it wakes us up and keeps us going

Coffee’s ability to perk us up is well known and for many of us, we couldn’t imagine starting our day without a cup. Combine that with its benefits for health and wellbeing and it’s not surprising that we all love it so much.

We love its versatility

Coffee is a great mixer - it goes with so many things. Great with breakfast, on its own mid-morning, after a meal. It’s the perfect accompaniment to almost any occasion.

We love the aroma

Coffee frequently comes in the top ten smells that everyone loves, so it’s no surprise that brewing up is so popular. The 800 aromatic volatile compounds in coffee evaporate readily, which makes the smell so compelling. It’s so popular that it’s even been recommended for people wanting to sell their home. Tea just doesn’t have the same effect.

We love that there are options to suit our tastes and mood

Tea doesn’t offer us many options. We can have it with milk or black, and we can add sugar. That’s about it.

But there’s a coffee to suit every mood and a whole range of preferences, from a small but intense espresso to a light and fluffy cappuccino. Coffee comes in many different guises, which may be why it takes so long to order in a coffee shop. There’s bound to be one to suit you. You can even match your choice to your outfit and share the results on social media.

We love the fact that it’s easier to get great coffee

Say what you will about the rise of the coffee shop but it’s meant that we’re able to get a better cup of coffee. And as our love for coffee has grown, we’ve also started drinking more quality coffee at home too. Whether you have a machine or simply a cafetiere, with the right coffee, we can make now make the perfect coffee at home.

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