New year’s resolutions: how coffee could be the secret to success

New year, new you? Each January, many of us commit to making new year’s resolutions but research shows that most people don’t last long. In fact, by now 25% will have failed to keep our resolutions and that will rise to 86% by the end of the year.

Failure is so common that #resolutionfail has been trending on Twitter. So, if you’re one of many people struggling to stick with it, how can you salvage the situation? Amazingly, you might find that coffee can help you stick to your resolutions. Here are four ways that boosting your intake can make a difference.

If you’re on a diet

If you’re looking to lose weight, there’s nothing better than something which is calorie-free. Black coffee fits the bill. So, while you may be having to give up other treats, you can keep drinking your brew.

If you’re having to cut out many of the things you love, then upgrading your coffee to something exceptional, like Jamaica Blue Mountain, can give you something special without the calories. You can spoil yourself without worrying about undoing all your good work.

If you have a new healthy eating regime

Even if your main focus is healthy eating rather than weight loss, you should still think about your coffee intake. While some detoxes advocate giving up coffee entirely, it’s actually lower quality coffee that is the issue.

Some lower grade coffees can contain mycotoxins, which can affect your health. Mycotoxins are chemicals produced by certain moulds and they can be found in poorer quality coffee. They often grown under warm and humid conditions where quality control is lacking and they can cause adverse health effects, such as liver damage and problems with the immune system.

By upgrading to high quality beans, like Jamaica Blue Mountain, you can avoid these issues. Our coffee has a reputation for quality and the product is carefully monitored. Each coffee bush is managed by experienced workers to ensure they are in the best condition and the beans are graded by hand, so only the best are selected. Each barrel is inspected as part of quality control so you can be sure you’re getting the best quality.

Coffee has some excellent health benefits, as well as tasting great. It’s been shown to reduce the risk of heart attacks, reduce the risk of liver cancer and help you to live longer. By ensuring you drink the best quality coffee, you get the to experience these positives without the issues associated with lower grades.

If you’re trying to exercise more

Are you struggling to stay motivated with your new exercise programme? If so, you’re not alone. Although 12% of gym memberships are taken out in January, many people find it hard to keep going - in fact as many as 67% of us have gym memberships that we never use.

But coffee could give you the boost you need. We all know that it’s easier to commit to something if you see results and research shows that drinking coffee can have a number of positive effects:

  • It gets you going: Coffee has a positive effect on the neurotransmitters in the brain and blocks feeling of relaxation to give you a kickstart. This can help you in overcoming any feelings of aversion about starting your gym session.
  • It helps you burn more fat: Really. When you drink coffee before your workout you’re more likely to burn fat than glycogen, which helps you tone up and get better muscle definition.
  • It improves the effect of your workout: Not only do you burn more fat but the effect of your workout is prolonged. Researchers found that people who drank coffee before their workout burned about 15% more calories for three hours after they stopped.
  • It can reduce soreness: We know how it is. You sat on the sofa all through Christmas and now you’ve thrown yourself into a new fitness regime. If you’re suffering with soreness after your workouts, coffee can help. Research found that coffee can reduce post-workout pain by up to 48%.

If you’re feeling a bit down

So many resolutions focus on giving things up - smoking, drinking, binge-watching Netflix. While all of these are great for you and your health, it can make you feel deprived. Suddenly many of your indulgences are gone.

If you’re feeling a bit low, why not introduce a positive change and upgrade to a better quality coffee. You’ll get a great tasting cup - a great way to cheer yourself up.

If you need to stay committed

Changing your habits can be tough but experts say that rewarding yourself for your progress is essential. But it can be hard to find a suitable treat at a time when you’re trying to keep everything in check.

Of course, we’re biased but we think that treating yourself to some high quality coffee is a reward for your hard work. Not only is black coffee calorie-free, quality coffee like Jamaica Blue Mountain has an exceptional flavour that makes it the most luxurious coffee in the world. So when you’re looking for a treat that won’t throw all your good work out of the window, Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee could be just the thing. Let’s get brewing.

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