What I love about Jamaica 100% Blue Mountain Coffee - Stephen Shirley, CEO Stoneleigh Coffee

Stephen Shirley is the CEO of Stoneleigh Coffee Processors Limited. Read about what he thinks sets Stoneleigh Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee apart from other beans.

Your favourite thing about coffee? 

My favourite this about the coffee industry is the satisfaction it brings us as farmers and producers. It is amazing to witness the time and care that goes into the entire process from planting, reaping, processing and packaging our coffee. It is truly an humbling experience to be delivering and end product that is so beloved by our costumers. 

What sets Stoneleigh apart? 

Stoneleigh is a brand that embodies all the hard work and dedication my father has put into the coffee industry in Jamaica over the past 30+ years. We continue to better ourselves each season and make sure that the final cup we deliver is one that represents the labour of love we have put into the process. 

What is the he importance of the coffee industry for Jamaica?

The Coffee Industry is an extremely important industry to Jamaica. We as a relatively young nation have a huge sense of pride in everything we do. Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is truly in a class by itself as it pertains to the unique flavors and quality assurance. It is one of the prides of our island. We have worked hard to maintain the integrity of the brand and ensure coffee lovers around the globe can get a chance to taste the best. 

Why is Jamaica 100% Blue Mountain considered the best coffee in the world?

It is a variety of reasons it is the best, the main reasons being the geological area known as the Blue Mountains has a unique soil composition and the altitude gives us perfect temperatures to grow the highest quality of bean. There is definitely something magical happening when all these factors align.  

Why is it so expensive?

Expensive is relative. The bottom-line is a supply and demand issue. There are many different nations that love 100% Blue Mountain Coffee and because the crop is limited each season it is more and more sought after. As more people try the brand ,  the more they want that rich quality and total satisfaction out of every cup. It is a luxury product.

Any family anecdotes about growing up in this industry? Have things changed much over the years? 

We are a tight knit family that has always worked well together. Our father has taught us the business from the bean to cup. The most important aspect throughout his teachings was the role integrity plays in farming and business.

The biggest challenges that Stoneleigh faces? 

With any farming there are challenges. We always have to be respectful of mother nature so she waters our plants and make sure we protect them from other natural threats and pests.   

What does Stoneleigh’s future hold? 

The future is exciting as we are growing strength to strength and have been recognized as an extraordinary brand in the Jamaica Blue Mountain industry. We will continue to deliver the best cup of coffee your lips will taste and also continue to protect the integrity of this industry worldwide. 

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  • Simply the best coffee in the world! It is a must try for persons that love QUALITY!


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