Five ways to use your old Stoneleigh Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee grounds

Did you know that 65% of Canadian adults drank coffee yesterday? It’s the nation’s favourite drink and that’s not just in coffee shops either. We spend an estimated $900,000,000 on coffee that we drink at home.

As our tastes become more refined and we switch over from instant to ground coffee, we create a lot of used coffee grounds which mostly go into the bin. But did you know that your leftover grounds could help with everything from gardening to looking after your home?

Here are our top five tips for using your old Stoneleigh Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee grounds:

1. Get rid of odours in your fridge

Coffee smells amazing when it’s brewing but you can also make use of its properties for absorbing other odours. Putting a bowl of dry grounds in your fridge can help neutralise odours from your food. In the battle between coffee and camembert, it seems coffee wins.

Once the grounds have done their work for a couple of weeks, you can re-use them again in your garden.

2. Help protect your garden plants

In the search for an environmentally friendly way to protect your plants from attack by slugs and snails, a whole host of natural ingredients have been tried. Coffee grounds have proved to be one of the most effective. Apparently, slugs find it don’t like the acidity of the grounds.

Simply place piles of grounds in a ring around your plants to form a barrier that the pests won’t like to cross.

3. Clear out your fireplace or barbecue

If you’ve ever had to do this job and been covered in ash as a result, you’ll welcome a simple way to reduce the mess. Sprinkling your damp coffee grounds over the ashes will weigh them down and prevent the old embers creating clouds of ash. This makes it easier to clean out the grate, as well as reducing the need to clean down all the surfaces afterwards.

4. Clean your hands

This one is for all the cooks out there. Coffee grounds help get rid of the smell of fish and garlic that may be lingering on your fingers. Just rub a scoop of the grounds onto your hands and then wash as normal.

For those of us who don’t cook and don’t need the deodorizing effect, coffee grounds still make a good cleaner. The exfoliating nature of the coffee grounds means you’ll have wonderfully soft hands.

5. Hide scratches on furniture

If you need to disguise scratches on your wooden furniture, you can use your coffee grounds. Mix your leftover grains with warm water and use a cotton bud or soft cloth to rub the mixture onto any scratches. Leave it for a while and then wipe off. Remember to do a test first on an inconspicuous area first.

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