The value of quality coffee in your office

What’s the coffee like in your office? If you’ve only got access to a big tub of instant granules, you may find that your workers look elsewhere for their caffeine fix - which may be costing your business money.

Switching to quality coffee in the office offers many rewards:

Less wasted time

How long does it take to pop out for a coffee run? If your staff are nipping out to the local coffee shop to order their double-doubles, the time can add up. Canada is second only to Italy when it comes to the percentage of cups of coffee consumed away from home and 43% drink coffee at work. But surveys show that flavour is the most important factor when people choose their coffee, so if the stuff in your office isn’t up to scratch, your staff may start popping out for their caffeine fix.

Research from the UK shows that people will queue for up to 20 minutes during working hours to get their coffee and the time taken could be costing employers $600 a year in lost man hours. Lets hope our servers are faster.

If you can offer quality coffee in the office, staff can get their cup of joe on site, which increases efficiency and could save your business time and money. You’re also likely to have happier employees.

Better productivity

Research shows that caffeine can increase energy, decrease fatigue and enhance physical and cognitive performance. It’s no wonder so many people use it for a boost. But as people become more choosy about the coffee they drink, they may find that the coffee in the office just isn’t up to scratch and start popping out of the office for their caffeine fix.

The start of the day is the key time of the day for drinking coffee with 85% of us grabbing a cup. Offering good quality coffee in the office is a simple solution to let your workers get their morning off to a great start.

With sickness costing UK businesses $46 billion a year, offering quality coffee could be a cost-effective way to improve the health of your workforce.

More creativity?

OK, this one isn’t guaranteed but we’d like to think that following in the footsteps of some of the most creative and productive people in the world will help. Coffee was a key part of the day for many of the world’s most influential men:

  • Beethoven had coffee for breakfast, using 60 beans per cup
  • Kierkegaard had a mixture of black coffee and a full cup of sugar
  • Balzac drank 50 cups a day
  • While we wouldn’t recommend such extreme coffee consumption, drinking quality coffee in the office may give your workers the boost they need to take their work to the next level.

Worker satisfaction

Does your business offer free food, giant slides or a contemporary, funky working environment? There have been so many reports about cool office spaces and amazing perks that few people doubt that they have a positive effect on staff morale and satisfaction.

While this may be out of the reach of many businesses, offering great coffee isn’t. And it’s seen as very important by many staff. In a survey, 60% of employees said they felt more motivated if they got simple perks like good quality coffee and 37% said they’d prefer free gourmet coffee or tea over a company's annual holiday party.

So next time you’re looking at staff retention and ways to improve motivation, switching to good quality coffee may be the way to go.

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