Stoneleigh Coffee Roasters Launches New Website

We at Stoneleigh Coffee Estates are very excited to be launching this new website that will allow us to reach true coffee connoisseurs from around the globe. Our limited edition coffee is now available in both roasted and ground 8 oz bags. The availability of pure Blue Mountain Coffee is decreasing due to limited farmable land, heightened Jamaican Coffee Board Industry guidelines and multiple environmental factors that impacted all crops this past year.  So order quickly before it is too late. 

We are also thrilled to be partnering with Club Coffee for creation and distribution of our Coffee Pods. As we began our development process, we were interested in putting the exceptional taste of our Blue Mountain Coffee in the easy accessible K Cup format. However, being land-loving farmers at heart, we still wanted to protect our low environmental impact. Impressed with the ever-improving compostable materials that Club Coffee is creating, we knew we found the perfect partner. We will soon be launching our product with the Keurig compatible pods but will move as quickly as possible to the 100% compostable pod. 


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